Defending Your Rights

Defending Your RightsKnowing how to defend your rights is an important part of actually holding onto them. There are all kinds of letters and contacts you can make, politicians you can call, laws you can look up, learn and understand. But eventually, if you’re unlucky enough, you’re apt to run into someone who won’t care about any of that at some point in your life. When all the laws and words in the world aren’t enough to stop someone from trampling on you, it might be time to implement that most basic of methods for defending your rights – physical violence.

This isn’t a step I really advocate. There are usually peaceful ways to resolve problems, or at least compromises that both sides can make so each gets some of what they want, rather than getting completely taken advantage of by the other side. But it’s a necessity sometimes. Some people just won’t listen to reason, or logic, or even threats of force. Some people need the actual force itself to really understand that you mean business. I’m sure some of you have met these types of people in your life, eh? They aren’t fun to debate with if they’re even willing to talk to you at all.

Unfortunately, they don’t really teach you how to fight in school, unless you take some extracurricular courses for boxing or whatnot. Many people teach themselves how to fight, and that could work out with the right instructional materials, but what about practicing your moves? You can’t just walk up to random people and start wailing on them. That will land you in a cell and probably a courtroom at some time. No, it’s much better to try out your punches, kicks and other attacks on something like a grappling dummy. You can’t really hurt those things and they won’t take a swing back at you either.

Good quality dummies are built to take a beating, because the manufacturer knows they’ve been made for that specific purpose. I can’t really come up with any good brands off the top of my head since I don’t own any dummies like these, but I’m sure there are places around the net where you could get reviews and other information on the topic at a click. That’s the beauty of the Internet – all kinds of information is available on demand. Just like how information on democracy is available here, whenever you’re looking for some.

Getting back to personal and civil rights again, I can say with certainty that sometimes violence does solve problems. It’s often a short-term solution which leads to further violence at a later time, but sometimes a bit of force applied in the right way and at the right time can have a more powerful, lasting effect than any words. I’m still not advocating violence though; I just understand its role in the world. Sometimes a bully just needs a punch, more or less. Have any of you ever experienced a time like this?


Driving safely in Sweden

Driving safely in SwedenSweden is best enjoyed when you take a road trip. The ever changing and spectacular scenery in this beautiful country stretches through its entire length from north to south, which is about 1600 km distance.

The mountainous country from the northern region above Arctic Circle to the southern farmlands and plains is a great wonder to behold. While you drive through the country, you can find breathtaking scenery, picturesque towns, and scenic roads. The best part is everything is in the backdrop of a tranquil and ambient Nordic surrounding.

Driving in Sweden is mostly safe and simple. Most of the must visit places are easy to access irrespective of whether you’re on a short trip or a long tour.

Safe driving

The Right of Public Access enables visitors to experience and enjoy the countryside in any part of the country without any restrictions.  The wonderful outdoors is accessible to all but at the same time, every individual should be aware of the need to safeguard and protect our natural environment.  For instance, when you are camping in the countryside, it is better to enquire about the restrictions and precautions to take, so you have an enjoyable trip.

Having easy access to useful resources and information helps in planning the trip well. While driving ensure you have proper licenses and know the traffic regulations. I’d recommend using cars with top quality led light bars while driving at night for added safety. You have plenty of online sites and the tourist information centers, which help in making your travel smooth and pleasant.

Pleasant road trip

DrivingThe climatic differences between the north and south lead to varying temperatures as you travel through the country. While many think that Sweden has subzero freezing temperature normally, you can find temperatures above 20 degrees in the northern parts in summer.  For a better travel experience, going on a Scandinavian road trip is the right way as it is easy to do and does not need any elaborate planning.

You can find many tour operators who can arrange for self-drive tours. These tours generally include visiting popular tourist attractions and activities in the region. When you have very short time for your vacation this is a good option, as you need not plan the itinerary on your own. But you cannot get the flexibility of doing it on your own, but when convenience is the major concern the preplanned road trips are an ideal choice.

In Sweden, the traffic administration is working hard to improve safety on roads and aims at reducing the accidents to zero. The Swedish Vision Zero has been implemented effectively and the administration has been successful in reducing the number by 51% in the span from 1997 to 2013. In fact, Swedish roads are among the safest roads in the world.

So you can be assured of a safe road trip in Sweden provided you follow the traffic rules and regulations in place in the country.  When everyone adheres to rules, it is easier to travel and the chances of accidents are reduced drastically. Whether you are planning for tours in Stockholm or going on wildlife safaris and archipelago trips, the self-drive road trips offer a completely different and enjoyable experience that will linger in your minds long after the trip.


Importance of Healthy Diet in Sweden

Importance of Healthy Diet in SwedenLifestyle choices have brought about a remarkable change in how we live today. One of the negative impacts and of great concern in lifestyle changes is the prevalence of diseases like cardio vascular disorders, diabetes and cancer. Research done by the World Health Organization has revealed that a majority of such diseases can be prevented by taking up a healthy diet, avoiding smoking and taking part in physical activity.

Introducing major changes

The need for changing the dietary habits cannot be ignored by the population, as it is a significant way to bring about transformation towards a healthier and fit lifestyle. The responsibility lies not only in the health care professionals, nutrition experts and those in the food manufacturing field, but also with the citizens to make healthier choices.

Fat quality in diet

Fatty acids form the densest energy forms in the diet, and a high intake of saturated fats can lead to higher risk of atherosclerosis and other associated risk factors. By substituting the saturated fat with mono unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, a reduced risk in chronic heart diseases can be brought about.

Choosing the right diet

A diet high in fat irrespective of the fat quality can raise risk of obesity, so a balanced diet is the need of the hour. But the recent growth in genetically modified foods and inferior quality food products has resulted in food and vegetable producers stuffing people with low quality and unhealthy food. I would like the government in Sweden to act more responsibly in this matter and politicians should work better to creating more awareness in this aspect. One easy and dependable way is to grow all your own vegetables. This is a safe way and also the best way to eat a healthy diet. If you are a farmer this can be accomplished at home using the grow lights. It helps if you know how LED grow lights work.

Healthy carbs in diet

When a diet that is based on low glycemic index and fiber rich foods is taken, the detrimental effects of high carb diet is reduced. Processed foods should be restricted in the diet as an important measure. Refined sugars should be limited as they can increase the body weight markedly.

Proteins in diet

Though red meat and dairy products are rich in protein, intake of these foods results in increased risk of heart disease. Switching over to vegetable protein however reduces such risks. Growing your own produce is as I said before the best way to get a fresh and nutritious source of food regularly. You need not worry about harmful pesticides or genetic modifications that harm your body. There are ways to grow nutritious and rich fruits and vegetables. I use induction and plasma grow lights to grow my own vegetables and fruits.

Research in Sweden has revealed that Nordic diet is certainly a healthy one, when you stick to the local and seasonal produce which does not have any of the harmful genetically modified additions. A balanced diet, which has plenty of fresh home grown fruits and vegetables, and the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fat will certainly bring you more benefits and a healthy lifestyle free of diseases.


Swedish System of Government

Sweden operates as a constitutional monarchy as of 1975 and the government has the prime minister as the head. The monarch and his family act as the head of state but they don’t exercise much power. The legislative body of Sweden is called the Riksdag and its’ members serve a four year term. The prime minister has a cabinet that works with him. Elections in Sweden are held every four years. Sweden has a constitution and it is the basis of all the laws that are passed in the country. The constitution has a Freedom of the Press Act and this act gives you the right to obtain public information you need for different purposes.

About The Riksdag

Aside from the prime minister, the Riksdag is one of the most important facets of the Swedish government. The Riksdag has 349 members and they are elected by citizens every four years. In order to run for and be elected to the Riksdag a person has to be a Swedish citizen. Currently the Riksdag is made of members of the following parties; Moderate Party, Christian Party, Centre Party, Green Party and  the Liberal Party. Unlike the United States, it is the Riksdag that appoints the next prime minister.

Swedish Healthcare System

Like the United Kingdom and Canada, Sweden has the kind of healthcare system where the government is in control of most if not all of it. The roots of socialized healthcare in Sweden goes back to the 1960s when reforms were made to the healthcare system. The goal of socialized healthcare is for everyone in Sweden to have equal access to the best medical services.  Every county in Sweden must finance healthcare for its’ residents and all citizens are required to have health insurance. This also led to regulations by the government on the fees doctors could charge.

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Reasons To Run Your Own Business

Reasons To Run Your Own BusinessThere is nothing wrong with working for someone else, but in this day and time job security is almost non-existent as seen in the mass layoffs and store closings across the country. If you want real financial freedom you should consider owning a business because it allows you to build a better financial future for yourself and your family.

Creative Control

When you run your own business you maintain control over the business and you can create the  kind of vision you want for your company. You don’t have to worry about asking if the boss would be okay with a new idea because you’re the boss. You can be a trailblazer with your  business and possibly inspire others to start similar businesses.

You Create Jobs

Instead of complaining that there are not enough jobs in your community, make a difference by starting your own business. Start by looking at the current job market and what your target  customer is interested in. Then do what you can to fill that need in the community and train  the right workers. When you hire others and treat them well, you contribute to the local economy.

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How To Become A More Conscious Person

How To Become A More Conscious PersonWe’re living in a day and time when deception is all around us and too many people allow the mainstream media, friends, relatives and books to dictate to them what truth is. You should develop a love for the truth and in order to do this you need to have strong critical thinking skills. Once you know the truth, it is your responsibility to live by it and pass the truth on to others so that they’ll no longer be deceived. You are to be honest with yourself even when you don’t like how it makes you feel at times because by doing this you’ll become a stronger

Practice Selflessness

You’re not going to be a conscious person as long as you’re only focused on your goals, needs and problems. Make it a habit to find people around you who are in need of assistance and then you should do what you can to help them. Pray for others’ needs and not just your own. Read about some of the problems in society and raise awareness about them in your community. Be there as often as possible for relatives and friends.

Be More Passionate And Goal Oriented

When you know what your main goals in life are and you have a passion for those goals, you will become a more conscious person. Sit down and write the top three feasible goals you want to accomplish the most and then write out a workable strategy for those goals. For example, if you want to hone your piano playing skills in order to learn a new instrument, start by enrolling in piano classes and then you should practice daily so that you’ll succeed.

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Improving Life by Softening Water

Hard water is something everyone has dealt with at one time or another in their life. But just to be sure, let’s take a moment to review the difference between hard and soft water. Hard water is loaded with natural minerals like calcium, as well as metals like iron, which cause the water to leave a scaly residue, both on your skin as well as any surfaces it evaporates from, like the bottom of a shower or bathtub. This residue often looks ashy or chalky, and it has been shown to irritate skin and cause intense itching and discomfort in some people.

Soft water is basically the opposite of hard. It doesn’t contain any of the hard metals or minerals which make hard water hard, so it’s essentially soft. Soft water doesn’t leave that same residue behind when it evaporates, and it doesn’t cause painful itching, redness or dry skin for the people who bathe in it. While natural calcium, iron and other metals and minerals are great for meeting nutrient requirements, they belong inside of the body, not on the outside. This means that soft water is better for bathing and cleaning, but hard water is better for drinking.

It’s possible to get the best of both worlds with a dedicated water softener, like the ones you can see at Basically these filters put hard water through a leaching process to suck out the metals and minerals, then put out soft water on the other end. By connecting a water softener to the intake pipe for your bathtub or shower, you can improve your life by doing away with all the negative health effects of bathing in hard water. You can still keep drinking the hard water in this way, since you don’t put all of the water coming into your home through the water softener.

It’s not just the itching, the redness, the scratching and the scaly skin that you do away with by doing this, either. Anyone who has tried to scrape bathroom drains and surfaces clean in a place with hard water will tell you it’s a difficult job to do unless some harsh chemical cleaners are used. Using soft water for bathing can actually reduce the time it takes to clean your bathroom. It may not seem like much, but saving a few hours on the days when you clean house is something everyone can appreciate.

Of course, if you live in a place with naturally soft water, you don’t need any special machines to pull out minerals and metals. But on the other hand, you’ll need to get those nutrients from somewhere, so a supplement or small diet adjustments can take care of that. Finding the right balance between the two types of water is pretty much impossible without making some conscious effort. With that said, rural locations tend to have harder water and urban locations tend to have softer water, as a rule. That’s not always the way it works, but it is often enough that this could be called a kind of water rule.


Exciting and adventurous activities to enjoy in Sweden

Exciting and adventurous activities to enjoy in SwedenSweden is an unending delight to tourists all through the year. Although winter is cool, the temperatures here are warmer than what you see in many cities in the United States. Hence seasonal activities can be enjoyed best here than anywhere else. Tourists visiting the country are attracted by the vibrant culture here, which is in itself a dominant appealing factor.

Besides its culture, the country has several other things to be proud of such as its primeval grandeur, local color, and natural sceneries. Exploring the countryside can be done in many ways. Here are a few interesting ways.

The rugged region present in the northern part of Sweden contains the last remaining region of wilderness in Europe with its spectacular vistas and clean air. This mountainous region is ideal for various adventurous activities including white water rafting, cross-country and alpine skiing, trekking and many more. The land is easily accessible, provided you are careful about respecting nature and not impinge on people’s privacy.

Sweden also has several wonderful riding and biking trails of which the Sweden Trail extending 1,597 miles is a notable one.  Longboard enthusiasts too would find the slopes just right for testing their longboarding skills. Having a proper longboard such as those at way for a memorable experience whatever skill level you possess.

As you move further north or northwest, you will find more mountains but southern Sweden is flatter with some exceptions. Since most of the country has mountainous terrain, mountain biking is a strong favorite that tourists and locals find delight in, as it is the best way to drink in the scenic beauty of the region.

Sweden is also popular for its boating. With the country being surrounded by water right from the Gota canal and Gothenburg coast to the Stockholm Archipelago of 24,000 islands, the sea is more of a livelihood and is considered as part of everyday routine. The water is clear, pristine, and great for fishing. You can find rainbow trout, beam, char, sea trout, zander, perch, pike, and salmon, which are part of the freshwater options, while the saltwater options are endless.

And for golfers Sweden offers a plethora of possibilities. The country has become one of the leading patrons of golf worldwide. The country boasts of more than 300 courses of which Bjorkliden is the northernmost course on the entire planet.

Tennis is also a sport that Swedes have had astounding success at for a long time. The country has several wonderfully made tennis courts of which Bastad is the best.

Skiing is without doubt the main attraction in Sweden. The entire mountain stretch in the northwestern part of Sweden offers great skiing conditions. Visitors of all skill levels and tastes can enjoy the various competitions arranged including the snowboarding even in Riksgransen held annually. The place is situated about 200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle northwards. If you plan your visit around May or June, skiing under midnight sun is an experience to savor.

Hot air balloon rides have been a craze ever since Salomon Auguste Andre made the maiden attempt to touch the North Pole in 1897. Balloon rides give a splendid opportunity to view the region in a different perspective provided the weather permits it.

Exciting and adventurous activities to enjoy in Sweden


A peek into Swedish heritage

A peek into Swedish heritageThe land of Vikings is intimately involved with natural climatic and seasonal rhythms in the region. Although during the Ice Ages the land was uninhabitable, the seasonal changes over the years have made the land and water fertile regions for Swedish culture to flourish and expand.

While many people think that Vikings were nothing but plunderers in Scandinavian history, Vikings of Sweden were great traders and were responsible for the creation of some of the important cities in medieval Russia. Settlements such as Birka flourished well and created many adventurous seamen who headed eastward and south, paving trade routes that extended to far south up to Baghdad.

The numerous museums in Sweden highlight the heritage more clearly. When you visit the museums here, you will discover the history of Sweden unravelling beautifully before you. Here are some of the important museums to visit in Sweden.

While at present Sweden is known for its peace loving people, it was not so in the past. The Army Museum situated in Stockholm displays the story of how the country became a supreme power in entire Europe and later lost its dominance. The Viking wars are exhibited well here.

Birka Island situated just on the outskirts of Stockholm is the best place to know about the Viking settlements. This place has been declared by the UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Gotland Island in Baltic Sea, which was once an important trading post for the Vikings has a wonderfully reconstructed Viking settlement dating back to the 10th century called as Vikingabyn. The enthralling place also has other Viking related entertainment and activities that kids are sure to love. And the place is even more fantastic at night. While travelling at night, it is best to have powerful lighting such as those available at LEDLightsPlanet, to drive safely.

The Falun Mine Museum located in central Sweden in Falun is another important place that reveals more about Sweden’s history. The place was a giant copper mine, which had financed Sweden’s race to supremacy in Europe during the 17th century.

A peek into Swedish heritageJokkmokk town in Lapland is an important region of trade, gatherings, and festivals. It is the place where the indigenous Lapland people called as Sami meet. You can visit the Ajtte Museum, which has exhibitions including surviving in Arctic Circle, costume and silver, and mythology and religion Drum Time.  With the exhibits you can find about the tale of Lapland’s survival over the generations.

Surstromming Museum situated in Skeppsmalen in the Northern High Coast of Sweden is dedicated to fermented herring (surstromming), which is an institution in the country. Set in the backdrop of the attractive fishing village of Skeppmalens, this is an unusual and interesting place to visit.

Other important places of interest for those who are interested in the historical buildings of Sweden include, Drottningholm Palace and Royal Palace located in Stockholm, Lacko Castle nearby Lidkoping, Gripsholms Castle in Mariefred and the Kalmar Castle present in south-eastern region of Sweden.  You can also find several other palaces and castles near Malmo and Gothenburg.


Importance of opposition parties in a democratic system

Importance of opposition parties in a democratic systemIn a democratic system, the verdict of the common people or the citizen of the country or the nation is the last word on the table. The buck stops there. The person or their party whoever wins the heart and the vote of the people of that nation are eligible for the formation of government following the parameters provided in their books of law and thus are the responsible guardians of the rights and welfare of the people who elected them to office. The winning party always had to have a majority stake in the assembly of the elected legislative members. They are the deciding body in the house of the representatives of the people in the matter of passing any referendum or bill or enforcing any new law or an amendment of some old law to fit the best of the time. The process although varies in different countries in different parts of the world as the laws and norms are different in that particular country or nation but the general notion or the general idea is almost the same in every democratic set up in this world.

But whenever we see elections are being conducted in any part of the world for any reason or to assume any post or office of any significance what so ever, one thing that remains constant and well expected is the availability of at least two parties in that particular election as two opposing parties or poles contesting the election as candidates. One obviously wins by the favorable votes of the people but what happens to the other, apart from just losing the election? The other assumes the role of the opposition force in the government.

The role of the opposition in any democratic set up is very vital and its importance of existence also ensures the existence of the democracy. The opposition parties though not win the maximum amount of votes but get the verdict of the people. So the general public or a part of them thinks them fit best in their opinion and we must respect that. Any government as enjoys the verdict of the general mass and accepts them in full joy and takes on the task of ruling the country it also should not neglect what the lesser fraction of that same mass of people calls out for. Thus the position and the value of the opposition party must always to acknowledged and heard to.

Opposition parties or forces are to keep a tap on the activities of the government like the automated devices in your cars that check the status of the car from time to time, likes of which you will find here. They are to keep in check the status of the government and let the people know of the activities that are going on in the house. They are present not only to oppose every action of the government but also must play a role for the development of the nation. A constructive opposition is always appreciated and is the only way good governance can prevail. Therefore, both the government and the opposition part are the equal stake holder in the community and they must work in harmony for its smooth progress.


The true worth of democracy

The true worth of democracy“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

Those are not the words of some layman walking down the street or some just self acclaimed critic of the systems and institutions but it is the quote by one of the founding fathers of the great nation of America, Benjamin Franklin.

Democracy is not just a concept that is written down well in good words in large sentences in proper languages that may rot in with the fading ink in the folded sheets of papers but it the firm determination that all should engrave in their hearts and express them through their words and actions at every opportunate moment. It is the spirit that should be boundless for a nation to be free in actual.

The way sweet melody of musical instruments enters our hearts and fills our mind that should be the case with nationalism. Nationalism is not something that could be taught at any school and could be imparted in to the hearts and minds of the next generation by printing them in their text books or incorporating them as a part of their syllabi. It is something that should flourish on their own in their selves.

The idea of nationalism is the result of the love and affection that one has for his country that could pull him from that farthest of lands and land him in the soil in which he was born. It is the pull of this soil that makes him devoted to him. But what could cause such feelings to develop in our hearts and minds?

Before the idea of nationalism should bloom in our selves we must have a clear and idealistic picture of our nation so that it could be projected in our inner conscious as our mother land; a place where one is at peace. Where you can think of getting some good old musical instruments by clicking on sites like and enjoy your leisure in complete peace of mind with the breeze of the spring and the view of the hills at your company.

But to have these feelings one who has the ability and the authority to do things right must take up the responsibility to do things in their right way. The ruler of such a nation is not some self obsessed maniac but one who is chosen by people and respect their choice and take the verdict as a duty towards them and serve them in the best possible way and not take it as his own personal victory in some enemy of his. Then and then only true democracy will prevail and fortune will be kinder.

To sum up, democracy is the ultimate tool for the success and progress of any nation, any society only when all the machineries of it work in complete synchronization. Democracy is not a gift or a piece of charity that you may offer to someone, it is the right one should earn, by fighting well for it.


Creative Ways To Take Care Of The Environment

People have been focused on themselves for too long. We have made our lives as comfortable as possible, and made sure our children have everything we did, and more. In the meantime, what is happening with the planet that has been our home since the dawn of time? Yes, people are becoming increasingly aware of all the issues that need to be dealt with, but those individuals are still in the minority. As a collective, what have we done in order to change for the better? Since we believe that ecological issues are some of the most pressing issues of our time, we’ve felt the need to introduce you to some of the ways in which you can help make our planet a better place. The tips are all fairly easy to follow, and we believe that if you decide to make them a part of your life, you will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment.

Do your shopping online

You might wonder what this one is all about, but don’t worry, you’ll find out right away. Cars and public transport are some of the biggest factors when it comes to pollution, right? Well, apart from choosing to cycle instead of driving, you can also minimize your need for driving in the first place, right? So instead of going to the shopping mall, simply fill up your virtual basket.

Make things yourself

Making instead of buying is always a better option when it comes to the effect your actions will have on the environment. There are so many different tools you can use to make practically everything, like this oscillating tool that you can find at, that it’s such a shame not to use them.

Donate your food to public kitchens

Food waste is one of the biggest issues, and we can’t avoid buying more than we end up using. It’s just the way the world works. Fortunately, there are countless ways to fight this specific problem, one of them being donating your food to people who can’t afford it. This way you don’t have to worry about buying too much, because in the end, it will all be used.

Make your own compost

If you live in an apartment, you can use an oscillating tool, such as the ones reviewed here, to build a wooden box in which you’ll then store all the organic waste. As time goes by, it will decompose and turn into natural compost, which is great for growing plants.

Use a smaller plate

To reduce food waste, you can always eat less, but to make it easier for yourself, there is the trick that basically consists of making yourself believe that you’re getting the same amount of food. The only thing you need to do is get smaller plates, and serve all your meals on them.

Always carry a bag with you

Recycling alone won’t solve anything, because the production of all those plastic bags and wrappings is a huge part of the problem.

So, you can show this video to your children:


Ways to Protect Your Home from Break-Ins

Sweden has one of the lowest rates of residential burglary in Europe. There were less than 800 cases of this crime reported per 100,000 population in 2014. However, providing your home with some basic security features can never be excessive. Here’s what you can do to make your house resistant to break-ins and keep your family safe as well as your valuables intact.

  1. Make your house look occupied

Most houses are exposed to residential burglary simply because their occupants are out. A house with no one inside is the first thing a burglar would look for when planning a break-in. If you can make your house look occupied while you’re actually away, you may convince many burglars to pass by. Think of using some automatic light timers which simulate your regular patterns or try to apply some similar ones to open and close your curtains. This can make an intruder think someone is at home.

  1. Make it hard to break in

Easy access is the next key point for an intruder. It is a good idea to install a security system, which can inform you or your security company of any unauthorized intrusions. Nowadays you can even get a wireless doorbell linked to motion detectors or door contacts which sound a signal every time the targeted door or window is opened. You can check the best wireless doorbell reviews at Door Bell Base to find out more about these devices. Don’t forget to use some yard signs or window decals that say your house is equipped with a security system. In many cases, that may be enough to make a burglar think twice.

  1. Make hiding complicated

The more chances the robbers have to be seen, the less likely they will try to break in. Adjust your outside lighting so that it is not easy to approach your house unnoticed even at night time. Use motion detectors for nighttime illumination of your back yard and driveway. Take down any shrubbery or trees next to your doors and windows. These can serve as a natural concealment for a burglar. If you still want a nice flower view out from your windows, bed out some thorny plants, like roses for example. Be sure to take down any tree limbs hanging over your roof which can be used to access it.

  1. Know your neighbors

Having reliable neighbors, who can look after your house when you’re not in, is probably the best security you can get. The simplest, albeit vital, way to feel safe while being out is to ask your neighbor to keep an eye on the vicinities while you’re away. Leave the key from your house to a neighbor you trust so that they can bring in your mail, water your plants or feed your pets. This will ensure your house does not look empty too often. It could be a good idea to introduce your closest friends and relatives to this person in order to avoid any misunderstandings if some of your family suddenly decides to drop in while you are away.


Regulation of firearms carrying in Sweden

Regulation of firearms carrying in SwedenYou can count on the fingers of one hand reasons for owning a weapon in Sweden. There are almost no reasons for their free carrying. When the weapons are in question, Sweden has pretty strict regulations. A weapon is not part of the inventory in the house, or something you have to have in your bag.

The first and perhaps the main reason for owning a weapon is participating in the hunt. Sweden has a lot of hunters, and thus a lot of weapons. To get the weapons on this basis, it is necessary to pass the hunting test and got a license. And that’s one of the ways to get your weapon. You can carry hunting weapons only when you go hunting. In other cases, your weapon should be in a safe place. In other words, it should be unloaded and locked in safes for weapons. It is not enough to put it in hiding place in the house. It must be kept under lock.

Another way to get a license to possess a firearm is to be a member of the shooting club. This club should be approved, and your membership in it should last a minimum 6 months, after which you take a test. In this way, you will be able to obtain weapons for sports shooting. And here there are clear rules. If you purchased a hunting weapon, it cannot be used as a sport’s weapon and vice versa.

Regulation of firearms carrying in SwedenThe third way to get the weapons in Sweden is the collection of weapons. In such cases are valid strict rules and checks. The collection of weapons can have its historical basis, but may also be a simple love for guns. When the collection includes weapons that could be used for criminal purposes, there are very strict regulations that collector must comply. They are related to keeping guns in special conditions, again under the lock and key, in premises with security windows and doors.

There is a limit concerning the number of firearms that an individual can have. So, if you have come to the hunting license, you can possess a limited number of weapons. You can have 10 guns or 6 hunting rifles. And if you prefer to have both, then you can make a combination of 8 pistols and rifles. Only a collector may have more guns. But, as we have said, such weapons must be specially kept under controlled conditions. In other cases, there is absolutely no reason to have more weapons than permitted.

No matter what your reason for procurement of weapons, one thing is absolutely certain: You cannot just carry it under the excuse of self-defense, as you might have used to watch in American movies. Weapons in Sweden have their purpose, and self-defense is not one of them. It may seem that strict Swedish regulations are very restrictive in terms of human rights, and that the prohibition of carrying the weapons undermines your safety. But you can always look at things from the other side. Such strict regulations control the sale and carrying of weapons, and reduce the possibility that your safety be compromised.


Building a Nation

Mountain climber using a pickaxeEven at the best of times, life is still challenging for most young Swedes. Fortunately, a liberal constitutional monarchy and accompanying legislature has gone a long way to ensure that young Swedes still enjoy the benefits of education, health and welfare (when this is needed).

The system of government has been years in the making and is today a fair model which suits everybody, young and old. Many

other nations, still struggling with new paradigm shifts which Sweden has already managed quite well, model their reforms on this Scandinavian nation.

There are still problems

But there are still problems. For instance, what inspired the late Henning Mankell to write riveting thrillers that led to him becoming one of the world’s best-known crime fiction writers? The best novelists take their inspiration from real life. Crime is just one of the epidemics that Swedish society must still deal with everyday.

Particularly during this era of rapid and large-scale migrations from war-torn and economically challenged nations, a heightened awareness of racial and cultural prejudice is also evident across news channels and social media networks.

Fortunately, more Swedish youths are climbing on board. Chances are also good that many more youths from as far afield as Syria will be joining them in their classrooms once they and their families have been cleared through the refugee centers and relevant government departments to take up asylum in Sweden, possibly even becoming Swedish nationals sometime in the future.

At the best of times, learning a new language and assimilating into a new culture, remains difficult.  In the extreme, it will remain difficult for the new wave of migrants.

Building a nation

Beautiful view in SwedenAn earlier post alluded encouragingly to suggestions, many of them not hard to take up, on how to help these people. What better way to build a nation than by helping others in need. Highlighting the progressive nature of our government and society, we also reminded you of the urban housing crisis which locals are still grappling with.

In light of all the challenges young Swedes are faced with today, it remains imperative that they continue learning how to fend for themselves and by dint others who will need the use of their talents.

Fortunately, many migrants are already well-equipped as skilled artisans. Building furniture, sheds, even houses someday, won’t pose much of a challenge for them (once they are cleared to do this). Also, sourcing and using tools such as portable and affordable wood-routers, bit drills and other multi-purpose tools won’t be hard for them either. But they still need to learn your language and culture. With your own educational tools, you can help them. Let them walk with you and together you can learn to kick-start your own companies.

A role model for the world

Sweden has shown the rest of the world that building a nation always takes time. More importantly, the citizens and their legislators have proven that it can be done. Today, they still have the required tools at their disposal.


How Swedish Youth Can Help Refugees

friendship-528073_1280For the past several months, refugees from war-torn countries continue to flock EU nations in search for refuge and a better future. The spotlight is focused at how developed nations, including Sweden, will respond to the humanitarian needs of these asylum seekers. I’m happy at how our leaders have chosen to slightly open up our doors to help these itinerant migrants, but the citizenry can do more to help.

As a youth living in Sweden, how can we help these refugees? Here are some ways you can do to help the refugees.

  1. Share excess clothes

Among the basic necessities of these refugees is a supply of warm clothes. Volunteer groups such as Vi gor vad vi kan have spearheaded donation drives that collect clothes, blankets, shoes, and sleeping bags that they give out to displaced migrants that arrive at our boundaries.

But if you want to be directly involved, you can bring clothes to the asylum processing centers near you. As of date, there are thousands of refugees waiting for help at processing centers. Many local religious organizations also accept donations that they bring to the refugees.

  1. Donate money

Perhaps, the simplest way to help is to donate to organizations that provide emergency humanitarian support and assistance to asylum seekers arriving at the EU borders. It will take you just a few clicks on your mobile phone to send in your donation. Help fund organizations, such as the UN refugee agency, Save the Children and the Red Cross, which are actively reaching out to vulnerable refugees.

  1. Offer unused room

Although there’s a housing crisis in major cities, some households may be able to offer a spare room to migrants, particularly unaccompanied children. If you have an extra room that has long been vacant, you might want to offer it to vulnerable young refugees. Or probably, you can create a space in your garage. You can use a belt sander, like the ones reviewed at this website, to smoothen out a wood which can be used as a bed.

Coordinate with your local authorities if you are willing to provide shelter to refugees.

  1. Join volunteer groups

If you want to be more active in helping refugees, you can sign up for volunteer work. There are numerous Swedish organizations that assist in refugee processing centers. These charities organize various activities such as language training, social activities, feeding programs, medical missions, and other activities that aim to help refugees transition to their new life. You can choose to help in whatever capacity you are capable of and are most suited.

As the late Pope John Pall II says “the greatness of a society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members”, the maturity of our nation and our citizenry, especially the youth, can be measured at how we respond to this refugee crisis. Let us continue to show the world how great we are as a nation.